Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Permanent Residence News

As of August 25th, Kyle's permanent residence application has been processing!

I'm finding the time lines interesting - Kyle received a letter on the 28th saying that they received his application and it's in the lineup to be reviewed, then on the 31st CIC updated our file online and it says that as of the 25th the application is processing. So is it waiting to be looked at or actually being looked at? My guess is it's waiting... but how amazing would it be if they were already reviewing it! I'm not sure how long they spend looking through these applications.

Hopefully they don't need us to send any additional documents, we tried to be very thorough and send in as much "proof of relationship" stuff as possible. I mean if eight years of emails, phone records, letters, and photos isn't enough proof then I'll be very surprised!!

Once Kyle lands as a permanent resident we will be opening a bakery together. There's always some crazy adventure happening in our lives it would seem! We're going to get to spend a lot of time with each other every day which is great because we get along so well and want to make up for all the time we have missed not being physically together.

In other news, Kyle will be visiting eight days from now!!! We're so excited that we might never have to say goodbye again! This is huge for us. Every time we are together things seem so rushed, we try to get a lot of things done when we are together so we don't miss out on important moments or events in each others lives. It will be really nice to just relax with my hubby and not cram bunches of appointments and events into a week or two of visit time.

Until next time!!

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