Saturday, July 11, 2009

On July 9th, 2009 we sent in our completed stack of immigration forms! It turned out to be almost 1.5 pounds of pure paper. A few days earlier we had called immigration to confirm a few questions we had. [It's a little silly that you can't call them from outside of Canada, and there's no place to email your questions.] They informed us that applications to sponsor are currently taking 43 days to process and that they will process the permanent residence part after if you are accepted as a sponsor.

Anyway, the post office said the papers should be to Mississauga by Tuesday - the online package tracker thing says it will arrive by Monday though! Woot! We decided to have them sign for it on the other end to make sure they receive it... I guess we don't want to take the chances of thinking they have when really our important papers are floating around somewhere.

When we were driving back to Canada the immigration officers there took one look at Kyle's machine washed passport and told us we had better apply for a new one because they will not accept that one for immigration. We weren't going to get another one because hopefully he will be in Canada soon enough, but boy are we glad they let us know before we found out too late!

Yesterday was a very tough day for Kyle and myself, we had to say goodbye again at the airport. There's something about leaving him at customs that tears me apart inside. I woke up this morning and rolled over to see my husband, but he was not there. What a terrible feeling. On a more positive note, we have been promising each other that he will be here for our September one year wedding anniversary. Sometimes promises are the only thing that keeps us able to withstand the distance.

The future isn't clear to me right now, and I hate that. Is it okay for him to visit when the immigration paperwork is still being looked over? Will it seems suspicious when he does come to visit? How are we going to pay for his apartment and the house/all the bills while he's in limbo and out of the Air Force?

All I'm sure of right now is that it feels great to finally be done looking over forms. At one point Kyle got so used to writing his birth date that he tried to say we got married in 1985! Yikes!

So, now we wait some more!