Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was very excited to see the envelope from the FBI in the mailbox, it was a sweet surprise!

It took 16 days from sending in Kyle's fingerprints to receive them back with the "No record of arrest" stamp on the back. I was expecting it to take 3-4 weeks, and had been reading about it taking longer then 12 weeks for some.... needless to say - we're relieved!!!

We finished all our paperwork today but hit another little road block. I'm in Nebraska right now but need my "Option C printout" from Revenue Canada. Not sure how this slipped by me, but tomorrow I have to call and get it mailed to our Canadian address - and send out our whole package from Canada when I get back there (July 7th).

Right now I'm a little upset that we can't mail this package out right away. I'm very anxious, nervous and excited at the same time!

It's June and all I've been thinking about is Christmas... Will I get to be with my husband? Will we have our first little family Christmas in our home? We must make stockings together to hang by the fireplace, drink eggnog, and go caroling with Grandma! I guess my ultimate goal is to have Kyle in Canada for Christmas (that would be the sweetest present of them all), but my guess is that it will take until February/March 2010 for all the paperwork to go through. That's 7-8 months from July.

[Currently the processing times on the immigration website say 38 days for sponsorship applications, and 5-6 months for permanent residence applications.]

For now all we can do is wait to send all these forms in and enjoy the rest of the time we have together for this summer.

Happy Father's day to all the dads out there! I'm going to call mine right now.

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